The rapid rescores were done on time. Communication was great. Would use him again.

S Robertson

I went through the program to get funding for my start up. Jack and his team and very responsive, knowledgeable and fantastic. I highly recommend you with with them.

J Huerta

My husband and I switched to Jack Olson and his team to handle our credit repair. Our good friend had highly recommended his service. We had been using a different company for over a year and hadn’t seen the results we were hoping.

Before our consultation I had emailed him a copy of my credit report and it was clear that Jack had reviewed it. As he started talking about how lenders would view my credit report and the strategies it would take to improve my credit, I can tell he clearly had masterful understanding of credit and finance.

I signed up to the program and followed all his advice. My scores went up over 70 points in the first 30 days!! I now have a 731 credit score and I’ve been able to get several new credit cards and a really low payment on a new car.

Thank you Jack for the amazing results and always being there to answer my all my questions


C Carigan

Navigating the credit and finance world has been a very daunting task especially since I am a first time business owner.

Jack Olson and his team are experts at the ins and outs of our credit system and they have been tremendous mentors throughout the process of credit repair and business funding.

I can say that I was able to get at least twice the funding after going through this program!

I would certainly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get any type of financing.


R. Davis

My name is Earl Moffett. I’ve been trying for years to finance my BBQ restaurant but my credit just wasn’t strong enough. I was referred to Jack by a friend. Within a few months my credit report was almost flawless, all the bad credit removed from TransUnion and Experian. I have a 780 credit score and I was able to get my financing.

Earl Moffett

Jack has been my secret weapon for years. I like to send my clients through his program because I know they going to be loan ready in 30-45 days. I’m able to retain a lot of business that we used to just turn away.